Daily Polls

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We have a number of interesting daily polls that we run. New ones are added regularly and we look at how people perceive many of the everyday things happening around us.

You are welcome to have a look at some of our recent polls here:
Poll: Rich Athletes

Do you agree with the huge salaries that top athletes earn?


Poll: Corruption in the SAPS

How do you feel about the levels of corruption in the SAPS?


Poll: Sport Quotas in South Africa

What is your position on the issue of Sport Quotas in South Africa?


Poll: Plus-sized bias?

Is there a bias against plus-sized woman in the world of advertising?


Poll: Fitness Trackers

How do you track your progress when training?


Poll: Winter fashion colours

Winter is already starting to bite. This shouldn’t stop you from stepping out in style. Which of these winter colours do you prefer?


Poll: SABC Radio

How do you feel about the decision from SABC radio to give 90% of their airtime only to local music?


Poll: Gauteng Markets

Most of us love strolling through markets over weekends. Do you also enjoy it?


Poll: Will you be attending any local festivals this year?

Are you keen to attend any of the festivals in South Africa this year?


Are you interested in the e-toll discounts?

Will a discount on the e-toll fees entice you to pay?


What is your go-to fast food option?

Which of these is your “go-to” fast food option?


Everest vs Fortuner

These two car giants have flexed their muscles in recent months with these new models. Which one would you prefer?


Battle of the Franchises

The battle of the franchises is on! Which of these ones is your favourite?


Starbucks in South Africa

Would you be willing to pay more for better coffee?


Poll: Rising food costs

Are you still able to afford all of your groceries every month?


Do you text and drive?

Driving and texting is very dangerous, yet many South Africans do it. Are you one of them?


Poll: Recycling in South Africa

Do you feel the informal trash collectors play an important role in recycling in South Africa?


Which dog would you take home?

Dogs are like kids for many South Africans. Which of these dogs would you like to own?


Poll: MAC vs PC

As a user, which one do you prefer to use?



Are you happy with the appointment of Allister Coetzee as Springbok Coach?


Google to educate 1 million Africans in digital skills

Isn’t it time for more multi-nationals to make the step up in this way?


Which sports do you enjoy most?

When it comes to sports there are many opinions. Tell us where you stand on the matter.


Daily Poll: Do you like flying?

Do you like flying? Don’t you? What has your experiences been like?


Take Uber, a Taxi or just drive yourself

With the recent price increases do you think taxis and services like Uber are becoming a viable alternative?


Another petrol price increase

The petrol price has jumped up again. How will this affect you?


Poll: Zuma and the Nkandla Trial

Whenever the subject is raised different emotions come to the boil. How do you feel about the saga?


Rumors about the Guptas and their influence over the cabinet

Do the Guptas secretly run our government? How far do you think their power reaches?

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